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tandoori oven

tandoori oven

List Price: 2.880,00 €

Technical Data

  • Model: TANDOOR
  • Dimensions: L710 D760 H940
  • Kg: 250.00
  • Supply: Gas
  • Catalogue Page: P189
  • Kw Gas: 10,000


The tandoori oven has a stainless steel outer casing and handcrafted clay pot oven inside. This tandoor oven is suitable for use with natural piped gas.
It comes with following accessories: 10 x Stainless steel skewers, 2 x Naan bread rods, 1 x Naan cushion, 1 x fitted temperature guage, 1 x stainless steel lid, 1 x Burner plate with few clay balls, Lump of repair clay & lotion. 10 skewers will be mixed as specified below: 5 x 4mm round SS skewers, 5 x 6mm square SS skewers, 2 x 8mm round SS naan bread rods.
This is ANSI / NSF certified gas fired tandoor certified by ETL.


Installation diagram

Technical datasheet drawing