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electric rice cooker, enamelled, 13 litres (cooked rice)

electric rice cooker, enamelled, 13 litres (cooked rice)

List Price: 199,00 €

Parcel shipment possible

Technical Data

  • Model: 4053
  • Dimensions: L489 D442 H322
  • Kg: 6.27
  • Supply: Electricity
  • Catalogue Page: 094CS
  • Volt: 220-240
  • KW el.: 1,950
  • Freq.: 50/60
  • Phase: 1F+N
  • Capacity: 5,6 liters uncooked rice or 13 liters cooked rice


Cool touch operation. Large capacity electrical rice cooker,automatically switch to warm code. Accessories: measuring cup,rice spoon. Durable Aluminium inner pot. Applicable environment: Large and medium-sized restaurants, farm and hotels.