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Virtus Group GmbH

Solutions for Cooking


In 1989 Francesco Marrocchino opened his first company in the Professional Kitchens sector, having acquired more than 15 years’ experience in the food industry. His vision of guaranteeing a product for immediate delivery, together with a logistics and after sales service, had the effect of revolutionizing distribution in the market of interest.

In 2004, his son Vittorio Marrocchino set up today’s Virtus Group GmbH. Like father, like son. The factor that drives the business is passion. Over time, the company that began as a purely distribution-oriented enterprise has taken on the outlook of a manufacturing concern. The Virtus Group today, run by father and son, is a brand on which professional chefs can depend in the pursuit of excellence.

Our headquarter warehouse has a capacity of 15.000 m² and is based in Hamm (Germany). In Lainate (Italy) we have a second logistic centre of 5.000 m² capacity. This wide infrastructure allows us to keep equipment on stock and be your right Partner. Over the last 10 years we have been continuously expanding our activities all over the world together with our dealer network. In 2006 we still distributed in 35 nations, today we are operative in more than 60.